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© 2012 Paul Coffin Photography

Another theme I have been wanting to explore visually  is that of the clothesline. I recently celebrated a birthday, and have been writing about cultural and generational trends and activities that existed in the 70’s and 80’s that are becoming lost to time and technological “progress”. The clothesline is one such fading tradition that, outside country living, has all but disappeared due to community covenants and advances in technology. Growing up, nothing beat the fresh smell of bed sheets that hung on the clothesline all day, and the feel of the crisp and cool fabric as I slipped into nighttime dreams. It seemed the sun’s bleaching made whites truly whiter and brighter, unlike the claims of today’s fabric softeners and detergents.

The clothesline in all its simplicity, offers colors, texture, nostalgia and a glimpse into the lives of those whose cloths and linens gently sway in the wind absorbing the fresh air and smells of the countryside. One of these days, I’m going to have a clothesline, just to relive those moments. In the mean time I’ll be on the look out for more on my countryside drives, camera in tow.


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