Pottery at a Roadside Antique Shop   Leave a comment

© 2012 Paul Coffin Photography

Last evening I attended an intimate concert in the rolling hills just north of the northern suburbs of Atlanta at a horse farm called  Chukkar Farms. The warm evening was filled with the sounds of country music from two singer song writers from Nashville, overlooking a large polo field with the super sized moon slowly rising in the clear sky beyond. It was truly magical and reminded me how peaceful country life can be.

This afternoon my wife and I decided to take a leisurely drive to the same area and came upon a small antique store she had been wanting to visit for some time. Attracted by the unique and colorful items that sat outside the store, I was happy to turn the car around and venture in.

This picture, is of course a high dynamic range photograph, that embellishes the color and draws detail from the shadows. The items appear to have been randomly placed on the front porch and the late afternoon sun cast just enough shadow to add contrast to the scene. I know our eyes essentially see in high dynamic range, but the texture and color in the pots was less obvious to me in the sunlight than it is in the photo.

By the way, I don’t say it in every post, but I do appreciate you dropping by to see my photographs and read my stories. I would love your feedback and encourage you to make comments as you desire.


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