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I have, on several occasions in my blog, referred to the immeasurable patience my wife has for my need to stop on a whim to take photographs of visually interesting and stimulating vistas that often cross my path. The scene shown above is one such visual delight that I came upon while I dutifully, and patiently I might add, waited for her to peruse the many knick knacks, crafts and miscellaneous items strewn about the innards of the store pictured here. I have no doubt, my description, biased by my own distaste for shopping, falls well short of the experience as she might describe it as she skipped excitedly into the depths of the colorful oasis.

Sitting on a bench in front of the store, in Hendersonville, NC,  I watched a variety of people, families, dogs and drifters walk by. I lifted my camera to my eye in the hopes that I might find something or someone interesting to photograph. I literally did not even see what was right in front of me until, panning left to right and back, I saw through my viewfinder the character of the storefront through which my wife had just passed. I immediately laughed at myself for missing something so obvious and proceeded to take a few shots.

I am not prone to add text to my photographs, though I have often thought it would make for an interesting pedestal on which to place my own sensibility to a visual exploration or concept with a running theme. While “Chalk It Up” can certainly take on multiple meanings, its presence in this image, is more about the setting than the message. I’ve been wanting to explore text within the walls of the image for some time. I think I’ll make that my next project.


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