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Ben and Noah

When my sons were very young, I dutifully and delightfully carried my camera to many of their varied sporting activities. Baseball, as it would turn out, was not to be a life long interest, but it did become the catalyst for a pursuit in individual sport activities that both Ben and Noah excelled in. Ben went on to earn his 3rd degree black belt and Noah his 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the boys, taken in 1999. It was not posed and their gesture reflects the confidence they possessed then as much as they do today. I love the pride of their expression. It has always amazed me how their personalities have remained the same in many fundamental ways and how they have also changed over the years. It is the part of being a father that is both perplexing and satisfying as I have navigated the many parental challenges that they have provided me over the years.

I know they both read my blog, and I know they both know how I feel about them. And so I’ll end this blog entry as I do when I wish them goodnight or say goodbye on the phone with the 3 simple words that will never ever change. “I love you”.


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  1. This post is beautiful. The photo is one of my favorite pictures of our boys, as well. I’m proud of them both and proud of their father. xo

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