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When I first started to write this blog, I decided it would be wholly dedicated to my photography and the stories behind the images. I have been tempted to deviate from this mission from time to time by  including pictures that are not my own and have resisted that temptation until now. In looking into my digital library, I came upon a series of images and newspaper clippings from a time before my own that, while not part of my personal history, is a part of my family history.

It is a story that has been told many times and to this day remains as powerful and as intimate of any I can imagine. It is the story of bravery, love, tragedy, death and hope. It is the story of my first cousin, once removed who served in the Canadian Navy in 1940.

What follows is a glimpse into his life, detailed in correspondence with his mother, my father’s Aunt, and newspaper stories of the tragedy of two ships colliding in the dark of night in the North Atlantic ocean. It is the story of the loss of the Canadian destroyer Margaree and the death of Harold F. Gray on October 22, 1940.

The tragic news of my great Aunt’s sons death arrives.

Soon after receiving the news through formal channels, the local Halifax Herald and Halifax Chronicle newspapers ran the story.


3 responses to “A World at War

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  1. peace…

  2. Amazing and heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Really a remarkable collection of documents and a very sad read. Like every other brave soul who went to save the world in WWll, this young man was a hero.

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