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Historic Properties

Continuing in my B&W phase :), I decided to resurrect a couple of photographs from my trip to Halifax last year to see how well they stood the proverbial test of time as measured by their suitability to B&W conversion. This night shot of Privateers Wharf, located in the area known as Historic Properties, reflects what must seem to the sea not a very long time ago, a time where men and I suppose a woman or two, spent many an evening walking along the moonlit cobblestone in one state or another of inebriation. Not surprisingly, times have not changed, and to this day, many a fine ale has been consumed and subsequently relieved of along these streets.

Traveling along the coastline of Nova Scotia is a visual wonderment. Small fishing communities dot the landscape; colors of all vibrance and hue paint the seaside. The sweet salty air, rich with the smells of seaweed and all that the ocean treats the senses with, is abundant at every turn and adds to the charm of the real maritime experience. If I could put that in a bottle, I’d be rich selling it to all the Maritimers who long for home from afar.


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