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Sad Eyes

A long time ago, and I mean a long time ago, I enrolled in a photography course at an Art & Design school in the city I was living in at the time. This course was the precursor, and ultimately the inspiration, for me to pursue a more formal degree in Photography. As part of the initial course, we were assigned projects to complete that were thematic in nature and told a “cohesive, conceptually unified”  story. I came across this blog entry that reminded me of those days. I dug into my archives and found the images I am including in this post.

The self-imposed assignment was to visit a daycare, where as it happened, my older sister worked and is pictured below, to capture the many emotions and situations that transpire in the lives of little ones learning to socialize and function in a group setting.

Of course, looking at these images years later, with two grown sons of my own, I wondered once again what life must be like in the surroundings of a daycare without mom or dad to offer comfort at times of sadness or pain. I have been very fortunate in that my wife was willing, and we were able, to have her stay home to care for our boys. It is a decision neither of us have ever regretted. We made sacrifices along the way, but I firmly believe our children are the better for it.

It wasn’t me

It’s time for me to find a new assignment so that I can stretch my visual muscles once again. Perhaps in the coming weeks I’ll have a new body of work that is cohesive and conceptually unified. 🙂 Stay tuned.


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