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Seaside Inn

It never ceases to amaze me where people will build a house. When this building was first constructed did the builder envision this outcome? How could he not? It now remains an artifact of some oddity, that I am sure I am not the first nor will I be the last to photograph.

I have been reading about composition lately, among the many blogs I peruse. It is not something I consciously consider in my photography; the rule of thirds, contrast, balance, how the eye travels though the image, yet I “see” how all these elements of imagery impact our perception of the two-dimensional world that we experience through photography. I tend to be a color junky of sorts and have to sometimes switch into B&W, in order to see how composition presents itself without the visual assistance color provides. It is a healthy way to rediscover images from the past and force tonality on my visceral thinking. Digital photography, for all its benefits, truly neglects B&W photography, at least when it comes to the psychological impact that shooting B&W film had back in the day. At least for me, I need to work harder at thinking in B&W without the benefit of having B&W film in the camera.

I am going to review my archives and select some of my favorite B&W images to post and write about. I love color and splash it liberally throughout my blog, but I think some monotone is in order. I hope you enjoy the diversion.


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