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“Living” Room

I have always enjoyed the company of creative people, especially the more eclectic, artistic type. While in Costa Rica, I visited a local artist / collector’s home who literally had every square inch of available wall space filled with art.

Homes in Costa Rica, unless in gated communities, are almost always protected behind barred windows and gated car ports. Clearly, criminal intent is ever-present and therefore personal security is paramount. It is a bit disconcerting at first, but my sense is it has become a way of life for Costa Ricans.

Driving up to the artist’s home, I first saw a steel corrugated solid facade, with a single metal door. Passing through the door I was greeted with an outdoor atrium of sorts and an outdoor room with a small pond. Just ahead, behind the homes front door was an unexpected personal gallery of art and sculpture. Each room was more visually interesting than the previous and he was kind enough to give me free rein.

The lighting was challenging, so I opted to take my tripod and use available light whenever possible. Taking advantage of the tonal range offered by HDR, I shot multiple exposures in cases where the light was uneven as was the case in the photo above.

“Light” Room

Mask Room

Saint Wall

Not every room or every piece of art was necessarily my taste, but I appreciated the opportunity to explore the artist’s home and to photograph it. It was in many ways a living gallery that reflected the owner and his sensibility. All in all, it was one of the coolest homes I have been in.


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