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Dinner For Three

I finally decided to stay for a couple of personal days in Costa Rica on my last business trip there. This time of year is beautiful there and I was treated to the best weather I could have hoped for. It’s been a while since I posted to my blog and I honestly missed the writing. As I was flying home from this trip, it occurred to me that while my blog really is all about my photography, it could be viewed as a travel blog of sorts. That is not my primary intention, but I will concede that the discovery and sharing of the places I have been to and seen is in many ways a travel log of sorts, the modern age journal.

Sunday Mass

On Friday at noon I was fortunate enough to be allowed to photograph the interior of the cathedral in San Jose. Mass was taking place so I limited my position to the back of the church. I love how HDR photography brings out the life in the architecture of older churches. They tend to be poorly lit and sometimes drab.

Volcan Irazu

My weekend included a number of destinations I had not previously visited in Costa Rica. A colleague was very kind to show me the sights and sounds of the country. I experienced my first volcano on Saturday morning of the weekend trip. It was a dormant volcano, but was exciting for me to see nonetheless.

The countryside of Costa Rica is spectacular. It is green, lush, full of life and color. Conversation at dinner refered to my exuberance as an “oxygen high”. That must be why the people of Costa Rica are so happy.

Morning Rays

It seemed everywhere I turned another breathtaking vista treated my senses.

Summer Solace

On this trip I chose to carry all my photography gear, including my tripod. I was conflicted about carrying the extra weight, but I am so glad I did. If I am committed to the craft I have to be willing to bring my tools of the trade. I think it paid off. When I take an excursion like this, I tend to set very low expectations for myself photographically. I tell myself if I get one great picture, it was worthwhile. It is like my golf game; I just need one great shot among a hundred or so to keep me coming back for more.

Withered with Age

Gentle Water Flowing

This was one of three waterfalls in a waterfall park I visited. It was located at a place a called Peace Lodge in Lapaz. The light was bright and I soon realized that I needed a neutral density filter on my lens to darken the light and further slow the shutter to capture the flowing water. I am pleased with the results and the lush green forest becomes a subject all its own.


2 responses to “Costa Rica

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  1. Hey Paul, i’d love an invite code to HDR spotting. looking through you’re blog, are all your photos hdr, of just some? they are very well blended if they are.

    if you feel like, pop by my and have a look.

    good work…


    • Ash,
      I’m afraid my code was already claimed, but when I get another one, look for me on facebook hdr spotting. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, most of the images from the Costa Rica entry are indeed HDR. Not all of my photos on the blog are, but for those that are I typically tag them.

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