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In a previous post I touched on the idea of humor in photography and how I tend to stumble upon it accidently in my photographs.

While in London on a trip I’ve referenced a few times, I was walking through the House Guards Army Headquarters and on the other side of the pass through found this happy young man on his steed. (said tongue firmly planted in cheek).

Like many North Americans, I have a stereotype of the British and sadly, it is reflected in this photograph and the caption I gave it. I can’t help but blame it on the media.

I just love how his lower lip is protruding, almost pouting, though I am sure he takes his job very seriously. Each time I look at this image it makes me smile and I wonder if this guard is still perched on his horse.


Posted January 27, 2012 by Paul Coffin in Animal, People, Photography, Travel

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