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Both my sons are musicians. Ben, the oldest, plays bass guitar and acoustic guitar and Noah my youngest, plays violin, irish fiddle, and guitar. I have a few pictures of them with their instruments and occasionally I get to actually photograph them while they perform. This picture of Ben playing in a local band competition was one of the few times I was able to catch him on stage.

Admittedly, this photo was a bit of an accident as I really had no idea how to take pictures in a dimly lit environment with spotlights shining on the musicians. I’ll take luck when I can get it with my photography. It makes me wonder how many times great photographs were created entirely from luck. No doubt, the decisive moment in journalistic and street photography relies on planning with a heavy dose of luck, but sometimes with all the best planning and forethought, our intentions are usurped by the serendipitous.

I can’t say I planned on the light falling on Ben’s silouette in a way that just hints at his profile, but the result, none the less, is more than I expected.


Posted January 26, 2012 by Paul Coffin in People, Photography

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