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A few years back, as part of a regular eye exam, I took a color blind test. The visual test placed slightly different color tones against one another in a pattern and I was asked to identify the pattern if I saw one. I passed every test, to which the optometrist asked if I was in a profession that was artistic in nature, and went on to say before I could answer, that if I wasn’t I should be.

Color has always captured my attention and imagination. Many of my early photographs were simply about color, sometimes abstract and other times isolated objects with colors that were strong and bold.  You can imagine my delight, while at Universal Studios in Orlando last year, when I walked past this scene.

Color evokes many emotions and the whimsical, cartoonish nature of the colors in this photo lend themselves perfectly to the subject. Leave it to Disney to have that down to a science. It’s not often I bring humor to my photography, so when I do, I need a little help from my subject. In this case, I think the elephant deserves all the credit.


Posted January 24, 2012 by Paul Coffin in Abstract Color, Animal, Photography, Travel

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  1. wonderful colors! Do you have an invite for HDR spotting?

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