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Window Reflection by Paulco_CDN
Window Reflection, a photo by Paulco_CDN on Flickr.

Strolling along a cobblestone road in Charleston, SC last summer with Mary we came upon this small gallery, one among many in the city. I don’t recall the name of this particular one, but it struck me that it was off the beaten path and may have been an artist cooperative of sorts.

A glimpse through the window revealed the artwork on the wall and my curiosity to further investigate what I was looking at. It was early morning and the light was shining directly on the glass that I was looking through. My eyes started to play tricks on me and soon, rather than focusing on what was inside the room, I was looking at the reflection of what was behind me.

Like a rear view mirror I glanced at the reflection and darted between what was in front and what was behind. I readjusted my vision and realized there was another window, across the room that I could look through that revealed the scene on the other side of the building. Three visual planes captured on the pane before me.

As is often the case with my photographs, once I had the opportunity to study the image further, I disccovered something new. I realized how confusing this picture was. I liked that. Reflections are a curious photographic study I want to explore.


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