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The Bud

I’m not one to over analyse my images, however I have found that since beginning my blog, I have tended to, and have on occasion, skimmed the edge of falling into art speak. A critical review and examination of ones work is important, even if it is self-reflective and while I can provide some meaning to what I see or feel about an image, ultimately, the image does speak to each of us in its own way, independently of my intent, though shaped by it. Artistic interpretation, is for me, second in line only, to the catharsis of making art.

Take the image above for instance. When I took it, I was focused on lighting, composition and color. I didn’t lend much meaning to the flower bud vs. the flower, and yet now, upon reflection, it is an interesting juxtaposition. The irregular stem, as if hunched over, apologetic, flanked by the confident, perfectly straight elder. The impending metamorphosis of the bud into flower. The blandness of the green bud against the vibrance of the purple petals. At the moment the shutter was depressed, intuitively and subconsciously I may have recognized these elements.  I can over intellectualize with the best of them, but more often than not, when I am in the field or in the studio I don’t. Thank goodness for that. 🙂


Posted January 12, 2012 by Paul Coffin in Nature, Studio

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