Three Doors Down   Leave a comment

Every now and again on my travels, I stumble upon something completely out of the ordinary and unexpected. The unpredictability of the strange and bizarre catches us off guard. That we are on guard in the first place is an another issue. I believe we are on “visual guard” most of the time. We see what we expect and expect what we see. I’m not trying to be philosophical or clever, but it has occurred to me, recently in fact, that those of us who see the world differently, do so because we are looking for it.

It is true the image above is hard to miss, but capturing it and framing it, pun intended, as I have is something not many of us stop and take the time to do. Photography is often considered the easy art; after all anyone can take a picture. I think that’s why photography as an art form is not considered high brow like sculpture and painting, not that I am suggesting it should. That anyone can “take” a picture is one thing, that anyone can “see” a picture is another.

This particular image screams for metaphor and meaning. I’m not going to give it one. I just love that someone erected 3 doors in a field on the side of the road for no apparent reason.


Posted January 6, 2012 by Paul Coffin in Maritime, Travel

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