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Man’s Best Friend

There is not much I can write that has not already been written about a man and his dog. What I love about photography is that I feel like there are an infinite number of ways to say visually, what words cannot, and in a way that is original and universal, that in its simplicity, conveys the most complex of human emotions.

I became a dog owner for the first time almost 8 years ago. I have  an English Springer Spaniel named Digby. Digby gets his name from a small fishing community in the western part of the province of Nova Scotia. I, like many non animal owners, prior to Digby coming into my life, was at a loss to understand the impact a dog can have on one’s life. That deep human/animal connection is no longer lost on me.

While in Charleston, SC last summer, I was walking along an elevated pier towards the water’s edge. I looked below me, only to discover the man pictured above sitting on the beach. My eye was immediately attracted to the colors of his hat, sweater, shorts and pants. I never saw his face, but his beard did not disguise his commitment to “the road” and his life lived on it. The visual queues were obvious and I was acutely aware of how different our worlds were. Yet, there was something familiar in him that I felt in me. Lying quietly to his side, inconspicuous and ever faithful, was his dog.

Tipping his hat to the vastness and reassurance of the ocean in front of him, with the knowledge that his loyal companion lie in wait, was someone who perhaps I had more in common with than I thought. No doubt we might not have alot to talk about, but somehow I suspect if I asked his dog’s name and scratched the dog behind the ear, that he and I would quickly discover our common bond; the connection between a man and his dog.


Posted January 1, 2012 by Paul Coffin in Animal, Street Photography, Travel

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