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Oslo Panorama

I took this photo in August of 2009 of a city street in Oslo, Norway. Regrettably, I travel very little to Europe, so when I do, I am sure to take a few personal days off work to photograph the rich history, architecture and people. I am so impressed with street photographers who have the courage to take photographs of complete strangers. I need to become more confident when it comes to asking to take photographs of strangers. You can imagine how much more difficult that is in a foreign language. Street photography is a contact sport and you have to get up close and personal. A zoom lens simply doesn’t cut it. I think the physical distance is reflected in the feel of the image. Great street photographers are like Jedi’s. “I will take your picture and you will love it”. There is a special connection these photographers make and it is reflected in the quality of their work.

This image is a combination of a handheld panorama and an artistic water-colour effect that adds to the romanticism of the scene. The curve in the street is a consequence of the panorama. Walking the streets of Oslo, I realize how young our country is. A city like Oslo drips with history and I keep thinking what stories these streets and buildings could tell.  I spent a full day in the city and then had to head off to a small town in Sweden to work (see earlier post). I can’t wait to return.


Posted December 31, 2011 by Paul Coffin in Street Photography, Travel

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