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Metropolitan Museum of Art

It occurred to me, long after looking through my viewfinder, that this moment represented an artistic trifecta of time and medium. Sculpture translated into painting, painting translated into photography, photography translated into what you see on your screen and what exists in the world wide cyber gallery.  The sculptor may have contemplated the possibility of the study of his work. The painter likely the same in some physical form as she sketched her final composition. I could conceive that my image would have a life in some physical form as well.  The internet changes the distribution rules of art and how we receive it. Who could have predicted that? What will become of this image once it is placed in internet space? Only time will tell.

Outside my curiosity of what photography and art is and how the internet impacts them, I am drawn (pardon the pun) into this image. The painter leans ever so slightly to inspect the sculpture to ensure she captures what she feels on paper. Her knees bend in a mimic of the model who sat years earlier, as the sculptor leaned ever so slightly to ensure he also captured what he felt. Being surrounded by great art is inspiring.


Posted December 25, 2011 by Paul Coffin in Travel

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