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New York is the most vibrant, exciting city I have ever visited. It is, surprisingly, a walking city, though you would be hard pressed to see even the smallest of it on foot. Ironically, as many native New Yorker’s often do, as I did when I lived in Toronto, one takes the subway from place to place. Maybe it’s just the tourists like me that walk so much. In any case, while the subterranean environment of NY has its own character, I prefer the long walks and many sights the city has to offer on the streets and parks and buildings and nearby seaside.

The city is filled with activity day and night and there is an endless supply of opportunities to capture moments of both beauty and filth, sadness and joy, and every imaginable human condition. I never thought I would be attracted to NY as I am.  It is like the ocean if you live by the sea, or the mountains if you live near the Rockies. There is something that draws you in and calls you back. The unexpected surprise for me, was that that draw is not a commercial one. I am not a big shopper, in fact I often say, “I am not a shopper, I am a buyer”. The thought of shopping makes me anxious. The thought of being surrounded by tens of thousands of New Yorker’s and tourists from around the world on the other hand, is a different story altogether.

With camera in hand and family in tow, acting like the tourists that we were, I would make my customary stops to take in and photograph the world around me. I love landscape photography, it is my wheel house; yet a cityscape like NY is like no other.

The picture above was taken on a tour boat of NY harbour. Harbour spelled with a “U”, because of course that’s how we Canadians spell it. As an immigrant of sorts, albeit not a very foreign one, I felt an incredible sense of history and pride as we sailed past Lady Liberty. This truly is an amazing city,  an amazing country, and I am proud to call America home.


Posted December 23, 2011 by Paul Coffin in Travel

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