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Dry Falls, NC

I think every photographer has to take a picture of flowing water falling gently over a waterfall with a slow shutter speed. There is something surreal about the experience of a waterfall. The sounds, the smell of moisture in the air and a light sprinkling of mist coating your glasses. I’m not sure how to bring original thinking to the photography of waterfalls, but I do know that the timeless beauty of images like these remains awe-inspiring.

This waterfall can be found in Dry Falls, NC and is just outside Highlands, NC. Mary and I traveled here in 2010 to drive through the rolling mountains and visit the waterfalls. There are many in the area and we had several healthy hikes getting to them. This trip was particularly fulfilling photographically. On the way home I stopped along the edge of the road to take pictures of wild flowers. Mary is so patient with me and never complains when I want to stop suddenly because my eye catches something interesting.

The joy of photography not only comes in the moment of capturing something extraordinary, but the journey to get there. Having Mary with me makes that all the more sweet.

The wild flowers filled  a field on the side of the road. I spent almost an hour surrounded by them and the occasional bee that got my attention. It’s amazing the beauty we so often drive by and never stop to enjoy.


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2 responses to “Had to get this out of my system.

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  1. two great shots! Nice!

  2. Paul, your images are beautiful, and….Mary is a very patient woman. You are blessed. Merry Christmas to you both and the boys. Please tell Mary the sky is grey and the ground is white. I’m certain her sky must be true blue this AM!!! All the very best, Kevin

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